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Welcome to the family of HR Institute of Science & Technology, Ghaziabad which is working steadily towards shaping dreams of our student into reality and reaching new heights in education & research and thus opening up fast growth career opportunity.

Apart from quality education that we provide at HR Institute of Science & Technology, we are focused in programmes which have been modeled for personality development of our student. Members of faculty are assigned a set of students to ensure value addition in their life. Psychological and academic counseling is done on one to one level with the student and a track record is maintained for each of these, to be discussed with the parents at the end of each semester when we hold our parents-teacher meetings.

Discipline is in the veins of HRISTIANS. We enforce strict discipline and habits to make our students successful in life. We are particular about time management and dress code.

Thus, our students can be expected to be professionally sound, dependable and self-disciplined individuals who are nice to deal with and form good members of any team and society.


Prof. (Dr.) Nirdosh Agarwal, Director is distinguished academician having more than 22years experience in academics, research and administration. He was honoured with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Commerce & Business Administration in 2005 from C.C.S. University, Meerut and holds triple PGs in Management, Commerce and Economics and also having the degree of PGDFM and CWA(I). His area of specialization is Accounting and Finance. He has presented numerous papers in national and international seminars and conferences in the area of finance and has publication to his credit in journals of national repute. He is also associated with many professional institutions. Besides he has served as Principal of a reputed degree college for more than five years & served as Associate Director for eight years of a reputed Engineering College in NCR.

He also acts as a guide to students pursuing their Ph.D. Besides the above mentioned things Dr. Agarwal is man of humble nature who believes in simple living and high thinking.

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