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Nectar, Celebrations were organized at the H.R. Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad with great enthusiasm, vigor and vivacity. Nectar means sweet liquid produced by flowers and collected by bees for making honey. According to the Greek and Roman mythology, Nectar means the drink of God. In fact the HRGI has chosen this nomenclature to their yearly cultural , literary, games and sports extravaganza because they feel that would be professionals and engineers awfully pursuing their their technical and professional education need some respite, some real taste of aesthetic sense for harmonizing their emotive and rational personality. Nectar included cultural, sports and games, literary activities, supervised and managed by different councils by well-experienced faculty. The cultural activities included computer games, mehndi, rangoli, collage making, skit/play, dance competition, song competition, fashion show, dumb charades, long jump, just a minute etc. in which a number of participants took part.

Games and sports included 100 m race, discus throw, long jump, carom, chess, tug of war, TT, 200 m race, high jump, volley ball, 400 m relay race, basket ball etc., Literary activities included debate competition, essay writing, extempore, poetry recital, monologues/soliloquies etc.

Somebody has rightly said that the wholesome education is the sine qua non of a perfectly groomed personality. We need perfectly groomed personalities. Nectar, is such an attempt as to provide opportunities to the students to improve their creative bent of mind and also to develop their aesthetic sense. 


List of Events

One Minute Show

Dumb Chadas

Solo Song

Fashion Show


Most Active Person In Nectar 2012

Solo Dance


Group Dance






  Sl. No

Name of Event

Name of Student/Team


  1. Solo Dance Mr.Hement ME/II nd Year Winner
  2. Mehandi  Ms. Neetu Chauhan ME/Final Year Winner
  3. Dance Ms. Indu Group EC./ IIIrd Year Winner
  4. Dumb Chadas Mr. Rahil Group & Ms. Tanvi Group EC Final Year & CS Final Year Winner
  5. Most Active Person In Nectar 2012 Abhinay Kamal Garg B.Tech Final Year Winner
  6. Fashion Show Mr. Ravi Group & Ms. Kanupriya Group B.Pharm Winner
  7. Rangoli Ms. Ankita Group B.Pharm Winner
  8. Solo Song Mr.Varun Bhatnagar M.B.A Ist Year Winner
  9. One Minute Show Mr. Manoj Kumar B.Pharm Final Year Winner
  10. Antakshri Mr. Ankit Group B.Tech Winner
  11. Antakshri Mr. Ankit Group B.Tech Winner

Ambrosia 2011-12

(A cultural Extravaganza for Fresher)

The fresher’s welcome party named as Ambrosia Function Celebration 2011 was solemnized by H. R Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad on 24/09/2012 with great enthusiasm, vigour and grandeur. Er. Anil Agarwal, The chairman, H. R. Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad was welcomed as the Chief Guest. Other distinguished dignitaries were also present on this occasion.

In addition to a number of distinguished guests including top-notch educationists, technocrats, industrialists & other well known VIPs from Ghaziabad, the function was graced by Shri P.N.Arora, Managing Director, Yashoda Hospitals; Er. H.N.Kapoor, CEO, HRGI; Dr. V.K.Jain Director General, HRGI; Dr. S. Kulhari, Director HRCTGI; Dr. R. K. Gupta, Dean FET; Dr. H.S.Lamba, Dean,FP; Dr. B.K.Tandon, Dean FM, Dr. U. K. Jaitley, Dean SS, Dr. S. D. Sharma, Advisor HRCTGI and all faculty members.

It has been the tradition of H.R.Group of institutions that the senior students always welcome the freshers. The Ambrosia Function Celebration has, therefore, been organized by all II year students to welcome the freshers .  The III year students also actively participated in the function. On the occasion Er. Anil Agarwal, Chairman HRGI blessed the students and advised them to work hard to achieve their goal.  Ms Kanak , Aastha and Mr. Hemant performed their best and kept the audience spell bounded.

Amongst administrative & supporting staff, Shri Atul Bhushan, Chief Administrative Officer, HRGI; Mr. Gurvind Kansal, Accounts Officer , HRGI; Ms Shabnam zaidi, Librarian, HRGI; Mr. Jitendrs Singh, Admin Officer, HRGI; deserve special mention for their extraordinary services for making the Ambrosia celebration 2011-12 an exemplary success.


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