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B.Com Prospects:

A bachelorís degree in commerce or b.com entitles you to many different careers all around the world. Many people choose to continue their education for an M.Com or masterís degree. Otherwise, youíll be able to still find jobs with a B.Com.

Commerce means that youíve learned all about business, market fluctuations, economics, e-commerce and even marketing. You can choose a variety of different careers with this knowledge, depending upon what your strongest subject was.

You can go into banking or even investment banking. These types of careers can pay very well but they may require a lot of hours in a day and are usually very high stress.

You can also choose to go into politics or commercial law. All of these are great options but will depend on your strong suits within your B.Com. You will be able to go anywhere in the world with a B.Com and succeed. Many countries will even provide you with a temporary visa so that you can share your knowledge with that country. If thereís a specific country you are interested in working in that is other than your country of origin, you can check out visa opportunities on their government site.

If a promising career means how much money you can make, itís variable. Different companies pay different salary ranges. It will also depend on whether youíve got any practical experience with the degree, meaning have you held a job doing commerce type things yet?

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