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The course provides a professional graduation degree to the students who aspire to become successful IT professional in life.

       The curriculum imparts the fundamental knowledge on Information Technology and also equips them with an insight required for the development of analytical skill for IT related projects.) 

    Career Opportunities after a BCA

Aspirants of the field tend to do their bachelors in Computer Applications (BCA) and then move ahead to do their Masters in the same field. BCA followed by an MBA or MCA is the common path for people interested in the field of Information Technology (IT). While BCA makes the base for a successful career in this field, MCA adds the specialised touch. In BCA, subjects related to basics of technological applications such as mathematics, data base management system, business data processing, system analysis, statistic and optimisation technique etc are taught at an elementary level. Similarly in MCA, these subjects are taught at a higher level and then in the final semester, the student needs to do specialization in the form of project work. Some of the popular fields for MCA specialisation are systems management, systems development, management information system etc.

Skills required

Admission to both, BCA and MCA, can be obtained on the basis of entrance exams in most of the colleges in India. While having Mathematics as a subject in graduation or at the school level is must, there are no other set eligibility criteria. Though having a science background helps in grasping the concepts faster. Being a technical field, a logical bent of mind along with adaptability to the working environment are some of the other pre-requisites in this field. 

Job Opportunities

Being a growing field, there are a lot of opportunities available for a person pursuing MCA or BCA. It is advisable to take work experience after doing BCA and then enroll for MCA as scope for a good position broadens if a person has relevant work experience along with the necessary skill sets. The courses focus on making the student familiar with technical languages at the bachelor’s level and taking a specialization at the master’s level. After pursuing the necessary educational qualification a person can seek job opportunity in the field of software developer, web designer, systems management, etc.

The job of a software engineer has many levels in the hierarchy and encompasses a wide range of responsibilities. Usually employment in this sector is generated depending on their systems requirements. While in the smaller organisations, where systems are not complexed, a few software engineers manage the whole system; in the larger organizations, a proper systems department is created with specialists working in it. These specialists focus on specific areas and are designated as software architect, design engineer, java developer, quality assurance engineer, etc.

Some of the key responsibilities of an IT professional are to develop new software to ease the working environment; integrating software with existing systems; testing the feasibility of the new software; support, maintain and document software functionality and also to ensure that the software is user-friendly for others working on it. Though the work remains basically the same, as a person grows on the management ladder, along with taking care of the systems, the responsibility also becomes to supervise those working under him/her. Apart from taking a managerial position or working in a company, a software professional can be a specialist in any of the core languages and can become a consultant in that field too. This gives the person liberty to exercise his will on his time.

With a steep increase in the internet penetration in the country, jobs involving web services too are becoming a popular option. Technical writers are in demand and earn good packages too.

An MCA or BCA graduate can work for any IT company big or small in various roles available. Depending on a person’s caliber there is no dearth of opportunities in this sector.  


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