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Orientation Program Batch 2020:

Introduction to College Life, Becoming Familiar with the New Environment, Welcome to the Community!

The orientation program for the newly admitted undergraduate students of BBA, BCA, B.Com. was organized on 5th November 2020. Students and their parents were formally welcomed and introduced to the culture of the college, campus and University.

The orientation began with a brief inaugural ceremony at our HRIT Campus.

The dignitaries present on the occasion were Mr. Anjul Aggarwal. (Vice-Chairman), Dr V.K.. Jain (Director General, HRIT Group),Dr. Nirdosh Agarwal(Director).

In this orientation programme all the Faculty members deliberated words of advice/suggestions to the newly admitted students of First Semester in the following points:

  • The rules and regulations of the University and the Department.

  • The importance of Education in life.

  • The importance of studying geography.

  • What should be the aim of master students?

  • How to improve life and how to lead a life in the right direction.

  • About the course syllabus and significance of attendance (have to maintain 75 per cent attendance in each paper.)

  • Importance of internal session tests.

  • Maintain communal harmony in and outside the HRIT campus.

  • To respect teachers and elders in and outside the HRIT campus.

  • Responsibility towards society as an educated person.

Apart from the above mentioned points, all the teaching faculties also imparted knowledge on the day-to-day life, about writing skills, answering the questions via sharing their personal experiences of life in university.


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