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Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM)

The Department of Commerce was instituted in 2016, with a single course in B.Com.

The course structures and syllabus are constantly reviewed and updated, keeping in view the macro-level developments in the economy as well as student requirements.

The Bachelor of Commerce degree is designed to provide students with a wide range of managerial skills, while building competence in a particular area of business .Most 0f universities, therefore, plan the degree such that in addition to their major, students are exposed to general business principles, taking courses in accounting, finance, economics, actuarial studies, business management, human resources and marketing; some programs also require business statistics and -calculus, and information systems. Depending on the institution, a formal academic major may or may not be established. Regardless, a Bachelor of Commerce degree requires students to take the majority of their courses in business-related subjects, including the aside, among others.

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