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Given below are some guidelines for authors who wish to submit articles to journal.

  1. Articles Submitted for consideration for publication in the journal, should be original and not published anywhere earlier.
  2. Articles should not be more than 9,000 words .This word limit should be inclusive of all notes, reference, tables, annexure & appendices.
  3. Articles should be prepared in text format (e.g. MS-Word) following British spelling; PDP Versions are not accepted by the journal.
  4. Contribution should be submitted in duplicate along with Floppy /CD . In case it is not possible to provide floppy /cd, the author should send soft copy of the articles through e-mail address hrjournalnew@gmail.com. Hard @soft copy versions articles are essential for processing.
  5. All Contributions should be on A-4 format, with 1.5 Lines spacing .matter should be left alignment with a 1.5 inch margins on the right and typed in 12 point sized font.
  6. Graphs and charts prepared in MS – Office (word /excel format) or equivalent format are preferred.
  7. All Articles should be accompanied be an abstract (100-150 words only).
  8. It is advisable for the authors (s) not to provide any handwritten amendments in order to prevent any confusion.
  9. The Article should also include –a name (s) of authors (s) b) their professional affiliation ,c) postal address & d) phone numbers and e-mail address .Articles sent should be complete in all respect ,including references, footnotes ,etc sources for all tables ,graphs ,figure and maps should be provide (where applicable)
  10. The journal does not encourage revision of articles until and unless there are major developments in the field study after its submission .The Journal Request the authors to send revised versions based on style changes and other minor changes .Such Minor changes pose challenge in processing.
  11. Contributors to the H.R Journal of Management are requested to be careful as not to violates ant of the provision of the copyright act and the rules made there as regards the material used in the articles or their sources and /or of the computer software used by them .The journal is not Responsible for any violation and lapses on the part of the contributors.
  12. All Articles submitted for consideration for publication in the journal would be subjected the journal’ refereeing system.
  13. The Journal reserves its right to make stylist changes or other editorial changes in the articles (s) Submitted and accepted for publication.

General :
1- The Journal welcomes comments and suggestions on the published articles of the journal.
2- H.R Journal of Management would publish brief write-ups on select new publications of professional
interest and also select book reviews .The journals solicits books from authors and publishers for this purpose.

All correspondence should be addressed to:
Dr. Lallan Tripathi
H.R. Journal of Management
H.R. Institute of Technology
7th KM. Stone, Delhi Meerut Road, Morta, Ghaziabad -201003, U.P. (INDIA)
Dr. M.K Jain
HRGI. Journal of Research
H.R. Institute of Technology
7th KM. Stone, Delhi Meerut Road, Morta, Ghaziabad -201003, U.P. (INDIA)

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